Upcoming 2023 Events

Hawaii Star Ball

Sep 20 to 23, 2023

Summit DanceSport

Sep 28 to Oct 1, 2023

Southwestern Invitational

Sep 29 to Oct 1, 2023

Master Dance Grand Ball

Sep 30, 2023

Constitution State Dancesport Championships

Oct 5 to 8, 2023

What is NDCA Premier?

It’s Competition Management Software

Built by the NDCA exclusively for NDCA sanctioned competitions, Premier is a free suite of software tools that helps organizers set up and run their competitions. From registration and ticket sales to event scoring and publishing of results, including the NDCA Premier National Ranking System points, Premier makes running your competition a breeze!

It’s also now a National Dancesport Ranking Circuit

The NDCA Premier National Ranking Circuit is a conglomerate of NDCA sanctioned competitions around the United States that all use using the NDCA Premier software. Dancers accumulate points based upon how they compare to other dancers in their divisions as they participate in the competitions on the circuit. At a special gala event each year prize money to is awarded to the top earning ranking dancers in each of 48 categories! Additionally, 280 registrants will receive free complimentary annual registrations with the NDCA each year!

* Winners will share a total purse of $34,000 in cash prizes, plus $17,800 in complimentary registration fees for the top 5 placements in each category. See Rules & Ranking for more info.